Thursday, February 4

Final Shoot...

These are my final shoot ideas, I decided to place faded copy layers of the image in as the model is playful and flirty in the shots, and the faded layer is meant t create a more innocent version of herself. Somewhat like that idea of a devil and an angel on your shoulder. I chose to focus the styling more on accessories and kept everything simple. Overall, in the time scale I had I am pleased with the outcome of my images however, I still intend to develop this idea further and try out the idea on a location shoot.

Monday, February 1

The Multiple Shadow House...

Created by the artist Olafur Eliasson, The Multiple Shadow House is really innovative. It features different coloures lights along the back wall, which converge to create a white light on the opposite wall, when someone then walks in front of the light the various colours reveal themselves in silhouette shadows. I really like this idea of being revealed in your shadow. It reminds me of 'Peter Pan' when he loses his shadow, like the shadow was more playful than he was.
The images to me are very reminiscent of the Apple I-Tunes advert billboards with he dancing shadow with the i-pod speakers in. They are very simplistic and more focus is on the models movement than anything else.

Granny Knits...

These images are from Pop Winter 2009 issue, and I remembered the styling of this when I was sourcing for my shoot. I really like how they have made Lily Cole look much older than she actually is, and dressed her in not typically sexy clothing however she still has a sense of flirtatiousness about her.
I like the knitted garments and the spimplicity of them and how they can be built up to make an entire look or used alone to create a clean look. I like the neutral studio background also with the scene being set with just a few simple props.