Thursday, January 21

The model I chose to use is directly in the middle on the image above and fourth in from the right on the top picture. Her name is Leah Timmins and she is a dance graduate from Liverpool John Moores University. Although she has not done this type of modelling before she has done lots of glamour work and has great flexibility and movement from her dance background, and great confidence levels. This was the main basis of my decision as I wanted someone who would be flirtatious with the camera and quite sexy and I knew she would be comfortable with this. Leah usually does paid work as a dancer and promotional events in various nightclubs across the country and also works each summer for Hed Kandi in Ibiza. Follow her work on Twitter and Facebook under alias Leah-Boo-Timmins.

Wednesday, January 20

The Natural...

This is the beauty look for the Alexander Wang Reayd to Wear 2009 Collection. I really love this natural look I think it is so much more attractive than a full on face of make up. I think this has a more subtle sultry look and creates the sense of innocence that I want to create. I particularly like the brown tone used around the eyes. I will use images like these to create a mood board for my make-up artist Liz O'brien, a self employed beauty stylist based in cheshire.

Possible Location...

This is one of the many Liver Launderettes near where I live in Liverpool, this could be a possible location if I decide to go ahead with a location shoot. These launderettes are often unmanned and so I telephoned the area manager and they said that as long as we dont get in the way of customers and prevent business then we are fine to shoot in the building. Although, any damage we are liable for and we have to be careful if climbing on top of the machines.
I really like this idea but it does seem like something that has been done a lot andI am more leaning towards the idea of innocence and conveying this. Although I do like this outside location shot and think I would like to include on of these in the edit if possible.

Monday, January 18

A Lazy Sunday...

This series of images is from the new Dace 2010 campaign, and I love the soft 60's feel that these images create with the soft natural summer lighting and the pastel colour palette. I think that the concept ties in with the ideas from the MTV shoot in my previous post, the idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon doing simple things, like walking the dog....having a coffee....doing the laundry. The main factor that I like in these images is that there are images without the model that are simply used to set the scene, just elements of the model such as her sunglasses are left in the shot to suggest her presence.
These images have a soft feel and this is very much the style that I like and would like to re-create in my own work. It will be interesting to see what photographers I can find that employ a similar style to my preferences. To me this has a very cinematic feel and it may be better to work in film rather than digital to achieve a look like this.

Saturday, January 16

Dirty Laundry Editorials...

In the October 2009 issue of Maxim Audrina Partridge star of MTV's 'The Hills' posed as the cover girl in what is literally a 'dirty' laundry shoot. The shoot takes a sexy and fun approach to scenario of running out of clothes and having to do laundry. This is obviously a much exaggerated and obvious angle to the story but i think this could be really interesting if shot with a high end magazine in mind with more of a fashion aspect to it.
Although these images are much more provocative than I would like to create I like the concept behind it.

Friday, January 15

Underwear as Outerwear continued...

Here are some of the examples on the high street that I have managed to source. If I chose to go ahead with this trend for a shoot idea, these garments are readily available and very current. These particular items are sources from Topshop, ASOS and The White Linen Company.

Wednesday, January 13

Underwear as Outerwear??? Trend or Not??
Bustiers, Suspender belts, sheer blouses, lace knickers underwear is everywhere for spring summer 2010 and my only advice is that the safest way to approach this trend is through seductive layering. Also avoid red and black as this will look to burlesque and try to stick with this seasons neutral and pastel palette. I think this trend creates a sense of sexiness without being too over the top and in your face. This allows a sultry mood to be created without this being the main focus of the ensemble. This allows a sense of 'the girl next door' innocence to still show through and this to me is very reflective of the styling in Lula Magazine.

Monday, January 11

I Dream of Sienna...

I love this Craig Mcdean photoshoot and think that the use of Sienna Miller as the model works well. This has a really natural and romantic feel an conveys a sense of innocence. I like that the styling is left simplistic with only neutral and pastel lingerie and minimal accessories. This ties in will with the ongoing 'Underwear as Outerwear' trend, which in my opinion is fashions way of dealing with the Credit Crunch!!

Saturday, January 9

Madame X...

Blonde Bombshell Model Tasha Tilberg looks elegantly beautiful with a harrowing undertone in her latest spread, entitled 'Madame X', which was photographed for Block magazine spring 2010 issue. This shoot was styled by James Worthington DeMolet and it oozes high fashion from every pore. I love the combination of the glamorous detailed garments with the grungy make-up and messy bee-hive. my particular favourite is the image where Tasha is wearing the white buttoned up trench coat, I love the pose and the whole composition is so strong.

Ellen Von Unwerth...

I really feel inspired by the work of Ellen Unwerth, I love how her images are so suggestive and sultry yet have no element of distaste. I like how the models used in the images above have an almost grungy feel yet the images are clean with a 'dirty' hidden message. Her work is often featured in Lula magazine, with the top two images being part of story which was used on the front cover. She manages to take images of anything and somehow make them sensual and erotic.

Her latest book Fraulein,(pictured above) which in German literally means, 'little woman', is a book of her own personal images, from her private collection, many of which have never been published before. The book is a celebration of what she considers the sexiest icons of our era wuch as Kate Moss, Claudia Schiffer and Dita Von Teese to name but a few. Unfortunately for most, the books retails at £450.00 plus for a hardback version an so what im writing is only what I have learnt via research but it would be amazing to own my own personal copy.