Tuesday, April 20

Harper's Bazaar...April Issue 2010...

I found these images today, just a couple of days after our shoot had been done, I know they obviously couldnt have copied our idea (haha, as if!!) although it is very reminiscent of our shoot only done to a much higher standard. I am really pleased to find this as it gives me some reinforcement that our idea was a good one if professionals in the industry are also doing this. I was particularly pleased with the tea cups in Chloe's hair as this was one of our ideas too. I would have loved to have access to the garments used in this shoot as these would have really helped to communicate our ideas of social unnacceptance.

Friday, April 16

A Small Slice of our Shoot...

Model: Holli Swain
Stylists: Danielle Timperley, Steph Elliot, Rachel Murray
Photographers: Helen Stephens, Emma Paternoster
Hair & Make Up: Hannah Eaton
These are just a small selection of our final shoot images, and not necessarily those chosen in the sequence and the edit. Once we have final decision on the prints we intend to proceed with I will upload these for you feed back. I personally love the images but maybe i'm biased!!

Tuesday, April 13

Raggedy Anne Fashion...

Louise Ebel a Parisian, Art History Student obviously spends her fair amount of time studying fashion magazines and runways. Although the 21 year olds street style is very mature and also expensive her blog depicts a style that is somewhat doll like, like a Raggedy Anne doll that is styled in floaty, floral dresses and summer hats. I really love her style and think it strongly reflects her parisian background and I would like to capture elements of this in our shoot. We want the model the have connotations of doll-like styling but like these images in a subtle way.

More Hair Bows....

Above shows the giant neon pink hair bow which were sported by most of the model from the Marc Jacobs spring/summer 2010 collection at New York fashion week. It was a total flashback to the 80's with thick eyebrows and little more than mascara elsewhere.
Also images from Ali Micheal's article for Lula Spring 2010 show the impact of spots in fashion and over the top head gear. This trend seems to be spreading through the industry and is in everyday street fashion to high end designers. It enforces my initial idea that these should be included in the final shoot.

Monday, April 12

Vogue - 'Private Dancer' and W - 'The Girl with the Pink Hair' ....

This fun fantasy editorial photo story was shot by Craig McDean for W magazine
The model featured throughout the shoot is Russian born Natalia Vodianova, and the images capture the usually brunette model posing with spherical shapes in a bubblegum pink wig.
The main factors I have taken from this shoot is again the great use of colour and the sense of playfulness that is communicated. The location looks like a disused water slide park and already this conveys a sense of fun and this is only further emphasised by the styling.

The Vogue 'Private Dancer' shoot is very inspiring and the make up looks are very iconic. The dazzling and bright images are inspired by Alberto Vargas' pin-up girls and features model Guinevere Van Seenus posing seductively, in sexy corsets and extravagant party dresses.

The multi-coloured make up and excessive use of glitter is some what similar, but on a much larger scale, to the photoshoot carried out by Liverpool based Lola Loves Boutique. The extremely long lashes are very sultry yet playful and I would love to use this look on our shoot day.

Sunday, April 11

Blackpool Model Village..

Upon initial contacts with the Blackpool Model Village they were really positive about us using this as a location for our shoot and advised that this had been done before on a few occasions for a small charge and accreditation in any work. However, on further discussion the fee to have private us of the centre was in excess of £500 and this was just not feasible for our groups budget. They did say that it was still fine to shoot on an open day with the public also having access and that the only charge would be the entry fee per person. So we decided that this was really the only option we had and we would try to push our luck a bit and stray from the path to take images in the actual village scenes...Hopefully on the shoot day this will work out to plan!!

I think the village is really quaint and has a much better effect that we could have achieved by creating our own sets. This is very similar to the America's Next Top Model Shoots but has a much more British feel.

Friday, April 9

Lola Love's

These images are from a local boutique in Liverpool, showing there Spring/Summer 2010 collection and their shop window. These depict a modern take on Alice in wonderland and I particularly like the hair and make up styling in the photoshoot of their latest collection. I also like the flowers in the manekins hair from the window display, and this is the idea i was referring to with the tea cups and dolls furniture.

Scouting for Girls...

These were the three models that we narrowed it down to for the shoot day, they are all professional models and this helps things run a lot more smoothly on the day and usually produce much stronger images. Our first choice of model was the first one, Kirsty, as we thought that with her having olive skin and brown hair she would help break away from the Cliche Alice style that is circulating at the moment. However, due to schedules we were unable to secure a date with her and made a decision to use Hollie Swain the model at the top. We have used Hollie before and she is very professional to work with and she always produces a high standard of image. Overall it was difficult to settle on a model with five members of the group but we all thought Hollie worked well and she already had images reminiscent of our chosen theme.