Monday, March 29

Hearts & Bows...

When I first starting thinking about the styling for this shoot my initial thoughts were of bows and hearts and pretty girly elements. These are just my first bits of research as to what is available, but this sort of thing can be easily customised. I would like to keep the bow idea central through the shoot to maintain consistency and think this links well to the theme without being cliched. Although there are many colours in these sourced items i think that working in pastels and neautrals in line with current trends would be more successful as this shoot is being done with the intention to appear in a high fashion magazine.

Sunday, March 28

Chanel - Haute Couture Spring Summer 2010

Alice In Wonderand...

After our first group meeting we decided to base our shoot on the theme of 'Alice in Wonderland' this is such a current concept at the moment and you can't walk past a shop window without seeing bows and hearts and rabbits all linking back to this same theme. I think this will make our job as stylists very interesting as there is so much out there to choose from. I think the key issue will be to not verge onto cliched territory...we want to develop this concept into a new avenue rather than repeating a tired idea.

Wednesday, March 17

Herring & Herring

Herring & Herring is a collaboration between Dmitri Scheblanov and Jesper Carlsen, engaging in fashion photography and art. They met each other in New York in 2008 and immediately started working on editorial and commercial photography. Their work in my opinion is simply amazing, from the make up, to the photography it self, I am truly impressed. Their approach is based on concept rather than a singular style which is what I like about them. I feel like when there is a concept, there is a story and the stories are interesting. I think this concept is particularly well achieved as although there is no actual content with regards to current fashion, they manage to convey the sense that fashion and styling has been highly considered. The images I have detailed above are from their tribal concept and I think these are highly successful, and think that we could develop this idea further and make this our own. Check out there website for more of their work, you will really like it

Tuesday, March 16

Tribal Tattoo's...

These are examples of tattoo's that are reminiscent of the pattern which is consistent on both the packaging and actual board of our game. The patterns remind me of tribes and the idea of initiation ceremonies. The sense of belonging that exists within tribe and how they often 'brand' themselves to show loyalty to the group. As an initial idea this is basic, however this could be carried forward literaly by reasearching, people with tattoo's and possibly develop this into work on genders and stereotypes and how we judge people on subconsciously appearance.
Another approach this could take would be to look at actual tribe culture such as pastoral nomads, or even something a little more accessible in this culture such as travellers. I intend to bring this idea up with the group as one of the possible ideas to progress with.

Sunday, March 14

Object Trouve...

In The Begining...

In our group, which consists of me, Steph, Danielle, Helen and Emma, we chose the board game sorry as the inspiration for our shoot. Its very old and worn looking and is slightly reminiscent of the board game Ludo. My initial thought on first sight of the game was that it reminded me of the film Jumanji, and in turn the game I had been bought one Christmas which had kept me entertained for weeks. This gave me further thoughts on perhaps people being shrunk into the game or somehow sucked into the game.
Another thing I noticed about the game were the tribal like patterns that featured throughout the packaging and the actual board. So i decided that these would be my initial points of research; tribal imagery, tattoos, attire etc, and the idea of people being shrunk into games, i.e Jumanji, Alice in Wonderland, Honey I shrunk the Kid.
When we next meet up on Monday we can discuss everyone's ideas to see what other ideas we can get from each other.
Overall I feel quite positive about our object and think that it provides lots of opportunities for development.