Wednesday, March 17

Herring & Herring

Herring & Herring is a collaboration between Dmitri Scheblanov and Jesper Carlsen, engaging in fashion photography and art. They met each other in New York in 2008 and immediately started working on editorial and commercial photography. Their work in my opinion is simply amazing, from the make up, to the photography it self, I am truly impressed. Their approach is based on concept rather than a singular style which is what I like about them. I feel like when there is a concept, there is a story and the stories are interesting. I think this concept is particularly well achieved as although there is no actual content with regards to current fashion, they manage to convey the sense that fashion and styling has been highly considered. The images I have detailed above are from their tribal concept and I think these are highly successful, and think that we could develop this idea further and make this our own. Check out there website for more of their work, you will really like it

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