Sunday, March 14

Object Trouve...

In The Begining...

In our group, which consists of me, Steph, Danielle, Helen and Emma, we chose the board game sorry as the inspiration for our shoot. Its very old and worn looking and is slightly reminiscent of the board game Ludo. My initial thought on first sight of the game was that it reminded me of the film Jumanji, and in turn the game I had been bought one Christmas which had kept me entertained for weeks. This gave me further thoughts on perhaps people being shrunk into the game or somehow sucked into the game.
Another thing I noticed about the game were the tribal like patterns that featured throughout the packaging and the actual board. So i decided that these would be my initial points of research; tribal imagery, tattoos, attire etc, and the idea of people being shrunk into games, i.e Jumanji, Alice in Wonderland, Honey I shrunk the Kid.
When we next meet up on Monday we can discuss everyone's ideas to see what other ideas we can get from each other.
Overall I feel quite positive about our object and think that it provides lots of opportunities for development.

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