Sunday, April 11

Blackpool Model Village..

Upon initial contacts with the Blackpool Model Village they were really positive about us using this as a location for our shoot and advised that this had been done before on a few occasions for a small charge and accreditation in any work. However, on further discussion the fee to have private us of the centre was in excess of £500 and this was just not feasible for our groups budget. They did say that it was still fine to shoot on an open day with the public also having access and that the only charge would be the entry fee per person. So we decided that this was really the only option we had and we would try to push our luck a bit and stray from the path to take images in the actual village scenes...Hopefully on the shoot day this will work out to plan!!

I think the village is really quaint and has a much better effect that we could have achieved by creating our own sets. This is very similar to the America's Next Top Model Shoots but has a much more British feel.

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