Friday, April 9

Scouting for Girls...

These were the three models that we narrowed it down to for the shoot day, they are all professional models and this helps things run a lot more smoothly on the day and usually produce much stronger images. Our first choice of model was the first one, Kirsty, as we thought that with her having olive skin and brown hair she would help break away from the Cliche Alice style that is circulating at the moment. However, due to schedules we were unable to secure a date with her and made a decision to use Hollie Swain the model at the top. We have used Hollie before and she is very professional to work with and she always produces a high standard of image. Overall it was difficult to settle on a model with five members of the group but we all thought Hollie worked well and she already had images reminiscent of our chosen theme.

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