Monday, January 18

A Lazy Sunday...

This series of images is from the new Dace 2010 campaign, and I love the soft 60's feel that these images create with the soft natural summer lighting and the pastel colour palette. I think that the concept ties in with the ideas from the MTV shoot in my previous post, the idea of a lazy Sunday afternoon doing simple things, like walking the dog....having a coffee....doing the laundry. The main factor that I like in these images is that there are images without the model that are simply used to set the scene, just elements of the model such as her sunglasses are left in the shot to suggest her presence.
These images have a soft feel and this is very much the style that I like and would like to re-create in my own work. It will be interesting to see what photographers I can find that employ a similar style to my preferences. To me this has a very cinematic feel and it may be better to work in film rather than digital to achieve a look like this.

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