Thursday, April 8

Pretty Little Dolls House...

This is located in Warrington Town centre and could be an interesting location shoot although it is in a very public area and that may cause problems.

The dolls house idea did lead us into the area of tea parties and the china tea sets. We thought it would be effective if we could use this some way in the shoot, but perhaps as a fashion accessory, maybe by placing these in the models hair or turning these into jewellry, similarly to the tomm binns jewellry commission for the Disney Couture range which is at the top of this post.

Initially we had the idea of making our own little sets using dolls house furniture and cardboard boxes but on initial attempts this looked quite 'handmade'. Despite this we still want to incorporate the dolls house furniture in the suits as these will be useful signposts of the size of the model to the props and this will help emphasise the overly large model.

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